about us

Andrea and Nat met in 2018 when a mutual friend introduced them by chance.


They spoke of their pasts, dreams, ambitions, and passions. With Italians, inevitably, the question of wine came up, and their immediate shared understanding of the subject led them to want to walk the path together.


And so, they founded Bossanova, starting with just that small plot that Andrea’s grandfather planted in the 70s.


From that fortuitous moment, everything changed. A single note in a symphony that continues to swell with meaning.

Nat Colantonio

Producing wine, for Nat, is a dream turned into reality. “It is just one of the many challenges that have characterized my life.” In the midst of a fruitful career, he gave it all up to devote himself to his greatest passion, wine. From this decision devoted studies, tireless meetings, and sincere friendships have formed. In the end, his daily commuter became a tractor and his laptop became a garden shear. Nat has a lifelong passion for music, creativity, and the romance of the countryside.

Andrea quaglia

An artistic spirit and spirited pianist, Andrea says that “From an early age, I helped my grandfather make wine on the family farm.” Andrea left home for a time to find his own way but eventually felt the call to return home and fulfill his life’s mission. “Our territory deserves recognition, and I want to do it through my passion for wine. I don’t think there is anything else that fulfills me more.”

be bossa + Stay bossa