the winest wine

a fateful encounter

Just like Jobim, Moraes, and Gilberto made Bossanova music a worldwide phenomenon, Nat Colantonio and Andrea Quaglia make wines that leave a similar emotional impact on their drinkers. They hope to spread these sentiments far and wide, that the link between taste, experience, and memory is a symphony of the senses.


The Bossanova winery produces high-end indigenous wines from the most important part of the Teramo hills of Italy: Controguerra.

A New Beginning

Tired of their old lives, Andrea and Nat decided to return to the land and cultivate the vines in an unprecedented way, with respect to biodiversity and an enlightened winemaking process.


Here they work at the intersection of ancestral rituals and modern awareness, where foreign additions of any kind are avoided. They believe that biodynamic practices are a future that honors the past. 


Today, the 26-hectare farm is divided between viticulture, olive trees, arable land, meadows, and woods.

We have chosen this path with pride and motivation; we preserve our land with enthusiasm, protecting its traditions while enacting our own creative visions.

Nat Colantonio

the new abruzzo

In an area with strong winemaking traditions, Bossanova brings a fresh tune, aiming to make their magnificent native vines known worldwide. 


Bossanova produces Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo DOC and two Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC and DOCG.


The farmyard, the silence, the sea breeze, the soil and the judicious hands of those who make Bossanova wine are just like those who choose to drink it: Vibrant, Authentic, Concrete.